About Arjen Luijendijk

Mr. Arjen Luijendijk has a wide experience in coastal morphology and shoreline dynamics. As a project manager and team member, he gained experience in working with advanced numerical coastal modelling techniques in the field of tides, waves, sediment transport, seabed morphology and shoreline dynamics often related to coastal infrastructure (e.g. ports, coastal protections, nourishments) and offshore wind farms and cables (e.g. seabed dynamics, sand waves, scour).

Mr. Luijendijk has a PhD on seamless coastal morphodynamic modelling focused on the mega-nourishment called the Sand Engine. In addition, he developed the first global beach erosion database using historic satellite imagery. He is currently working on predicting future behavior of the world’s beaches impacted by human developments and a changing climate, where he focusses on advancing nature-based solutions for coasts worldwide by developing advanced modelling methods on aggregated time- and spatial scales and Earth Observation methods.

Mr. Luijendijk holds a part-time position at the Delft University of Technology as associate professor. His research there focusses on 1) Global Coastal Change in times of Climate Change and 2) data-model fusion for engineering Nature-Based Solutions in coastal environments. He applies emerging technologies to the field of Coastal Engineering with societal impact, while underpinning new knowledge and tools with scientific publications and outreach. Furthermore, he is involved in various teams that co-design user-oriented innovation products, such as the Virtual Climate Lab.

Working experience

  1. Deltares

    Senior coastal engineer

  2. TU Delft

    Researcher Mega-nourishment

  3. TU Delft

    Lecturer Coastal Dynamics


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