About Arnejan van Loenen

Mr. Van Loenen is a civil engineer, specialised in the application of ICT in water resources management. He has experience in designing, developing and implementing systems for operational water management, such as flood forecasting systems, real-time control systems, and sewer optimization systems.

Since joining Deltares, Mr. Van Loenen has participated in many projects where the Delft-FEWS system was implemented or extended. In these projects Mr. van Loenen acts as project leader and consults clients on how to implement operational systems, always in relation to the client’s context. He has furthermore participated in expert panels advising on the procurement of operational systems for water management.

Next to performing consultancy projects, Mr. Van Loenen is actively involved in exploring new techniques for improvement of operational water management, such as information distribution via internet, application of mobile apps and mining social media. Thanks to winning in the 2014 in-company Innovation Contest at Deltares, he was able to perform a practical research in the use of Twitter messages to generate real-time flood maps.

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