About Bianca Peters

Bianca has studied Civil Engineering and Management at the University of Twente. She started her professional career at Rijkswaterstaat RIKZ (a predecessor to Deltares) in 2001 where she was leading the evaluation of the deepening of the Western Scheldt, the development of the mainport Rotterdam. She also set up a network for storm surge barrier managers now known as the I-STORM network, she continued this to do as a coordinator until November 2014.

In 2006 she started at a consultancy firm Twynstra Gudde to strengthen their water business. From 2006 until 2014 Bianca Peters was a senior management consultant at the firm Twynstra Gudde, mainly active in the field of water management. Her assignments covered from international and national to regional water-related issues. She contributed to implementing programs such as ‘Room for the River’ and guided strategy processes for waterboards, provinces and Rijkswaterstaat. Bianca has been particularly active in encouraging and organizing collaboration between different parties, especially in public partnerships.

In November 2014 Bianca joined Deltares as department manager in the Marine and Coastal Systems Unit (MCS). First in the department Environmental Hydrodynamics, this department was later extended by the Forecasting group. Since October 2018 she was department Manager of the Resilience and Planning department at MCS. September 2021 Bianca has joined the Management Team of Deltares as Unit Director for Inland Water Systems (IWS).

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