About Dano Roelvink

Prof. Roelvink has 20 years of experience in coastal engineering and research. He has participated in a number of major consultancy projects related to coastal morphology. He has managed the development of the Delft3D model system for two- and three-dimensional simulation of waves, currents, water quality, ecology and morphodynamics and has made important contributions to the morphological part of this system. He has been actively involved in the EU-sponsored MaST-G6M and MaSTG8M, SASME, COAST3D and DELOS research projects on coastal morphodynamics, amongst others as member of the SASME steering group. His field of expertise is in coastal hydrodynamics and morphodynamics modelling, in one, two or three dimensions.

In 1993 he obtained a PhD-degree at Delft University of Technology, based on a thesis on the effect of surf beats on coastal profiles. He has published numerous articles on coastal hydraulics and morphodynamics in international journals and conference proceedings, and he has been a part-time Assistant Professor, later Associate Professor at Delft University of Technology from 1990-2005. He has been Delft Hydraulics’ principal investigator in the discipline of morphology and is a strong proponent of international scientific cooperation with various parties in morphodynamic modelling. He has set up collaborative projects with the US Geological Survey, the US Office of Naval Research and the US Army Corps of Engineers.

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