About Dimmie Hendriks

Dr. Dimmie Hendriks is a Senior project leader and expert in Geohydrology and hydrometeorology at the department of Soil and Groundwater Systems of Deltares. In addition, she is a Deltares wide coordinator of the research programs on drought and information systems for water security. The research interests of Dr Dimmie Hendriks are groundwater, drought and water scarcity issues and solutions such as managed aquifer recharge. In addition, Dimmie has experience with drought forecasting, geohydrological monitoring and modelling, operational water management, application of satellite data, integrated risk assessments, and groundwater-surface water interaction. She has a particular focus on cooperating with and training local stakeholders and integrating local measurements and knowledge in conceptual and numerical geohydrological models and (operational) water management.

Previously, Dimmie worked as a project manager and as a research assistant in Africa on groundwater availability issues. She did in PhD in hydrometeorology, focusing on the effect of water management and climate on greenhouse gas emissions from peatlands. During her Phd she worked closely together with the Biometeorology lab at UC Berkely. Currently, she is actively involved in a research project that explores the opportunities and feasibility to regenerate peat in Deltaic areas with the purpose of long term carbon sequestration, soil subsidence prevention and high quality water retention.

Dimmie has worked closely with experts around the world in many international projects, including USA (California), Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa, Germany, Denmark, Poland, Slovenia, Spain, China, Colombia, Australia, and the UK. She has published dozens of contributions in peer reviewed journals, conference proceedings, and book chapters in scientific collections.

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