About Ferdinand Diermanse

Ferdinand Diermanse is a senior specialist with an MSc. in applied mathematics and a Ph. D. in hydrology, both from Delft University of Technology. He is an expert in the field of flood risk analysis and management with over 20 years of work experience. His key qualifications are: probabilistic modeling, statistics, hydrology and integrated risk assessment. He has carried out numerous hydrological and risk assessments for a variety of inland and coastal water systems and published various papers on these topics. Mr. Diermanse has substantial teaching experience and is capable of explaining complex topics to audiences with diverse backgrounds.

Mr. Diermanse has participated in several challenging international projects. Countries of work experience include Albania, Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Islamic Republic of Iran, Ireland, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Liberia, Sao Tome and Principe, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, United States and Viet Nam.

Recently, he participated in an independent panel of experts for a review of a feasibility study of a 1700 km inland rail from Melbourne to Brisbane. Previously, he led a consortium for a multi-hazard risk analysis for the whole country of Afghanistan, for hazards like floods, droughts, avalanches, landslides and earthquakes. In 2010, he carried out a water resources assessment for South Sudan and advised the Government of South Sudan on this topic in the negotiations with Sudan in the process of forming the new independent country of South Sudan.

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