About Firmijn Zijl

Mr Zijl is senior researcher in the Marine and Coastal Systems Division of Deltares.

He has extensive experience with hydrodynamic modelling of free surface flows. In particular he worked with, and developed, experimental numerical code to asses the impact of non-hydrostatic simulation of near- and far-field buoyant jets and plumes.

Other areas of experience include modelling complex tidal systems (e.g. the Northwest European Shelf and Singapore region) as well as setting up and calibrating various 3D models of weakly dynamic, stratified seas and deep lakes (e.g. the Sea of Marmara and various reservoirs in the Netherlands and Singapore).

He was also involved in the development of a tsunami propagation and inundation model for the Indian Ocean and the Aceh coast.

Mr Zijl has experience with providing training in places like Hong Kong, Singapore, Panama, Turkey and Indonesia, dealing with hydrodynamics and dedicated hydrodynamic models.

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