About Frans Klijn

Dr. Frans Klijn is experienced as researcher in applied geo-ecology and policy analysis, working in this field since 1980. His experience ranges from theory and concepts via survey and policy analysis to the practical planning and design of river basin management. He has a broad experience in environmentally sound planning, with special emphasis on flood risk management and water (resources) management. He co-ordinated various interdisciplinary teams and has been engaged in many policy analyses for the Netherlands’ government. He likes making concepts such as sustainability, resilience and robustness applicable for management practice.

In the Netherlands, he played an important role in the societal debate on the management of the large rivers, and is held partly responsible for the transition towards the Room-for-Rivers policy. Presently, he is primarily engaged in integrated river and floodplain management in relation to nature rehabilitation and land use issues, as well as investigating a possible transition towards a more comprehensive flood-risk management policy at the national level in view of global change. In recent years, he mainly engages in flood risk management and long-term planning for sustainability; through the EU Integrated Research Project FLOODsite, by co-ordinating the research on ‘Climate-proof flood risk management’ for the national Knowledge for Climate programme (KfC), and by participating in research for the Netherlands’ Delta Programme.

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