About Frederiek Sperna Weiland

Dr. Ir. Frederiek Sperna Weiland is a senior advisor in climate change assessments related to floods, droughts and water availability. Her work focusses on the interface between meteorology and hydrology with a specific focus on climate risk assessment. At Deltares she is part of the Moonshot team “safety against flooding”. She has been leading Deltares strategic research programs for the past 5 years with a specific focus on improved understanding of multi-hazards (floods, landslides, cyclones etc.) and co-incidence thereof.

She led the development of the National discharge scenarios for the Meuse and Rhine for both the KNMI’14 and KNMI’23 scenarios. She participated in studies in the Netherlands and abroad dealing with the impacts of climate change, climate change resilience and adaptation, and flood and drought forecasting. She applied her expertise in among others Mozambique, Tanzania, Laos, Oman and Azerbaijan to assess changes in flood risk, water resources availability and hydropower sustainability.

She has been actively involved in the European reasearch projects EU FP7 eartH2Observe and H2020 EUCP. Currently she is co-ordinating the HE project CLIMAAX that aims to develop climate risk assessment tools and guidance that are to be actively applied through a cascading fund at the regional level.

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