About Hans Brinkman

Hans Brinkman (1965), Deltares has about 25 years of experience in Geotechnics. He is an expert on Foundation Engineering and Underground Construction with experience in consultancy and applied research with respect to site and laboratory investigation and foundation engineering problems in earthworks, roads, dykes, dams, deep excavations, and tunnelling. He is a member of the Dutch standardization committee Geotechnics NEN and was a member of several technical committees on Geotechnics, author of several books and a number of articles in Dutch and English and has been an invited lecturer at universities, courses, conferences and lectured Soil Mechanics at Delft University of Technology an UNSCO-IHE. Throughout his career, he has specialized in Foundations and Underground Construction, providing advice on numerous projects involving soft soil tunnelling, retaining structures, deep excavations and foundations. The projects in the Dutch soft soils are foundation of his experience and he was involved in projects in Belgium, China, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Nigeria, Norway, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Surinam, United Kingdom and USA.

His areas of expertise are:

  • Geotechnical risk assessment and management
  • Underground Construction
  • Foundation Engineering
  • Retaining Structures
  • Quay Walls and Locks
  • Flood defenses (e.g., dikes, retaining structures)
  • Soil Structure interaction
  • Soft Soil Shield Tunnelling

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