About Hans Groot

Hans Groot has an extensive experience in soil and groundwater quality related research projects. He is an experienced project manager of research projects in the field of soil and groundwater quality, circular economy (reuse of sediments, in situ development of landfills) and Nature based solution concepts.

For twelve years he has worked as a project manager and remediation consultant at consultancies on complex projects for authorities, industry and developers.

Since 2008 Mr. Groot is employed at Deltares where he performed feasibility studies on the (cost)effectiveness of in-situ remediation techniques. As program manager he manages the research program of SmartSoils in which the geophysical and geochemical properties of sand and peat are manipulated using natural (biological) processes in the subsurface.

He was responsible for the patent strategy, setting up of research collaboration agreements/licences with international partners (Australia, France and the Netherlands) and the business development of the SmartSoils program.

As project manager soil and groundwater quality he was responsible for the management of the containment system of a complex contaminated industrial site.

Concerning Enhanced Landfill Mining (Resource Efficiency) he was involved in setting up research proposals for the EC 7th Frame Work research program on Resource Efficiency and Enhanced LandFill Mining (2011-2013). This resulted in the setting up of the European network on Landfill Mining (EURELCO) for which he represented the Member State the Netherlands as steering committee member. For the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment he managed projects on Circular Economy which enabled the Ministry to develop related policy.

Since 2019 he is involved as a project/program manager for European subsidized projects on reuse of sediments (INTERREG project SURICATES) and fate, transport and exposure to persistent mobile toxins (H2020 project PROMISCES) and the WarmingUP program on energy transition.

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