About Henk Kooi

Henk Kooi has more than 22 years of research experience in the Earth sciences with an emphasis on mathematical modelling and model development in a broad range of Earth Science disciplines, including topics such as land subsidence, offshore fresh/brackish groundwater resources, coupled heat and mass transport processes in groundwater systems, including convection and chemical osmosis, and nuclear waste storage in clay formations. Henk has a broad commensurate international network in both fundamental and applied science fields. He has recently led projects on subsurface CO2 storage (CATO2), geothermics and modelling of permafrost dynamics and hydrology in the Arctic, in both applied consortia and scientific teams. Henk has fourteen years of teaching experience in physics, mathematics and heat and mass transport in groundwater systems and in field hydrology. He (co-)authored about 80 publications in international peer reviewed journals (H-index = 22), book chapters and professional reports. He acted as supervisor and/or co-promotor of 8 PhD students, numerous MSc students, and coached several postdoctoral fellows and acted on numerous PhD defense committees. Henk’s ambition is to contribute to process understanding and model development for practical applications ensuring sustainable use of earth resources, specially related to groundwater resources and energy management, in the Netherlands, Europe and around the globe. Henk is particularly interested in opening up new avenues and in exploiting and linking his knowledge of deep and shallow and natural and man-induced processes.

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