About Johan Valstar

Dr. Valstar is an expert in the field of modelling groundwater flow and contaminant and heat transport. His PhD-study at Delft University of Technology in cooperation with Massachusetts Institute of Technology was on inverse modelling of groundwater flow and contaminant transport. At TNO and Deltares he was involved in various projects on groundwater contamination. He can quickly build a conceptual site model from limited field data and translate that in to a numerical model. Moreover, he uses model uncertainty to design monitoring strategies to gain the relevant lacking information. The scale at which he works varies from nanosized particles in the NanoRem project up to the national scale with the OPERA program for storage of radioactive waste. His focus is on saturated groundwater flow and contaminant transport, but he has also experience in related fields such as vapor intrusion, the interaction between soil and plants and oil reservoir modelling and the incorporation of microbiological and chemical processes into reactive transport models. He has also supervised various PhD-students.

Working experience

  1. Deltares

    Senior geohydrologist

  2. TNO

    (Senior) geohydrologist


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