About Joost van den Roovaart

Joost van den Roovaart has spent his entire career working in the field of emissions, substances and water quality, first at the Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management and from 2008 at Deltares. At Deltares, he is coordinator of activities for the WFD and of Deltares' input on emissions and water quality in international bodies such as the UN, EEA, European river basin committees and OSPAR.

As product manager at Deltares, Joost van den Roovaart has been responsible for the development of the WFD Explorer since 2007. The WFD Explorer describes and simulates not only the current and future chemical status of surface waters, but also the ecological status. The WFD Explorer has been applied in Turkey and New Zealand, among others, is used by many water boards in the Netherlands and is applied for national policy evaluations for the WFD. Joost van den Roovaart spearheaded Deltares' activities for the ongoing WFD 2024 interim evaluation and provided the contribution from Deltares to the Ex ante evaluation NPLG.

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