About Jos Vink

Dr. Ir. Jos P.M. Vink is senior specialist soil and water quality. His field of expertise is environmental chemistry and ecotoxicology. He received his masters and PhD at Wageningen University on risk assessment of contaminants in heterogeneous environments. Jos is an editorial board member on the open Environmental and Toxicology Journal and is on the board of the Dutch Society of Soil Science. He co-organized several international conferences (Chemistry for a sustainable world, Athens 2003; Chemistry and the environment, Bordeaux 2004; Wetland Pollution Dynamics and Control, Gent 2005).

Jos received a European patent for the development of a monitoring system to measure free metal ions over water-sediment interfaces. He has over 120 peer-reviewed publications in scientific national and international journals and book chapters. He has co-promoted several pHD candidates in the fields of environmental chemistry, toxicology, and modeling.

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