About Kees van Ginkel

Dr. Kees van Ginkel is an expert on climate adaptation and flood risks. He investigates how we can keep flood risks manageable in a changing climate. In doing so, he looks in particular at the social and economic consequences of climate adaptation.

Kees likes to translate scientific research into practice. For example, he developed a method to calculate which parts of the road network are at risk of flooding, which has already been applied in various places. He also researched the effects of flood risks on housing prices and financial stability.

In 2021, Kees researched the consequences of flooding in Limburg and Germany. He is the lead author of the water system analysis of the IJsselmeer region. In 2022, he received his PhD from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, on a study of social-economic tipping points due to climate change. He is still affiliated with this university, now as a visiting researcher.

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