About Linda Maring

Linda Maring (MSc) is an expert in the field of subsurface, especially the link between the subsurface and spatial planning. How can the natural soil-water-sediment system contribute to societal issues in our living environment? What are the challenges and opportunities of the natural system in spatial (re)development?

Linda works on several Dutch and European projects supporting the development and implementation of soil regulation, involving the subsurface in land use planning, soil data and information, combinations of (under- and aboveground) functions, regarding the boundary conditions of e.g. climate change and the natural system.

Linda is member of the Dutch Soil Platform (DSP), a partnership of research institutes and the national government, where knowledge demand and supply are tuned on the subject of subsurface. In addition, Linda is involved in knowledge programming within Deltares in the areas of Water, Soil and Space and Rural Area.

The DSP delivered in 2008 a research agenda and was in 2011 involved in the development of a national knowledge agenda for local / regional / national authorities on subsurface. Linda is since several years leading the organizing team of the Platform for Soil Management (www.platformbodembeheer.nl) which organizes approximately three times a year a meeting about different subjects on soil management.

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