About Petra Krystek

Dr. Petra Krystek is an expert in the field of environmental chemistry and analytical chemistry. Her main focus is on the research of anthropogenic substances, their interactions, potential impacts and effects or contaminations in the environment (focus: water - soil), humans (health) and for sustainability. Her research is addressed from a broad context and interdisciplinary with current and societal relevance where the research focuses on modern substances and materials such as for example nanomaterials, (micro-nano)-plastics and technologically relevant elements (TCE) in the energy transition. Aspects of analytical method development with innovative analytical techniques and validation are central in addition to sampling and pretreatment strategies. Scientific quality assurance here is important and she has often held international roles as a reviewer regarding laboratory quality systems.

Besides scientific specialist, she is also project leader within several (inter)national research and EU projects within Deltares and task force chair of the Dutch Emission Registration - Water (MEWAT). Her research and projects are characterized by being embedded in a broad (inter)national network consisting of excellent research groups. She is also university guest lecturer, academic supervisor and associate editor of the journal Chemosphere.

Dr. Petra Krystek brings together scientists from different disciplines and stakeholders for challenging questions and finding innovative solutions. In this context, for example, she is the initiator and scientific chair of the International Conference 2024 on (Micro-nano) plastics in soil.

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