About Pieter Koen Tonnon

Pieter Koen Tonnon is an expert in the field of coastal morphology and sediment transport modelling. He has more than 18 years of experience in specialist consultancy and research in hydraulic and coastal engineering. As a project manager and team member he participated in national and international projects related to coastal erosion, coastal protection, sand nourishments, land reclamations, sediment budget and longshore sediment transport assessments, siltation and backfilling, scour, metocean data analysis and plume dispersion.

Pieter Koen is experienced in working with advanced numerical modelling techniques in the field of tides, waves, sediment transport and morphodynamics, acts as a Delft3D trainer and is product owner of our D-Morphology software. He has been actively involved in physical modelling studies of sandy beaches and shoreface nourishment design and participated in several large international research projects focussing on nearshore coastal hydrodynamics and morphodynamics, including the effects of sand mining. He is experienced in setting up and coordination of large field measurement and monitoring campaigns.

Pieter Koen was the Deltares project manager for the design, impact assessment, monitoring and evaluation of the 20 million cubic meter “Sand Engine” mega-nourishment along the South Holland coast. He led two subprojects within the Building with Nature research program and is well acquainted with nature-based solutions for coastal erosion control and coastal restoration measures. He has co-managed the “KPP B&O Kust” and “Kustgenese2” applied research programs on the feasibility, optimization and impact assessment of nourishment strategies including nourishments on ebb tidal delta’s. Pieter Koen has also led our integrated coastal zone masterplan studies in Saint-Louis Senegal.

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