About Renske de Winter

Dr. ir. Renske de Winter is an expert on the consequences of sea level rise and climate change on coastal and delta areas. She has worked on various projects in which long-term developments are integral studied to develop a future perspective for the Netherlands and deltas worldwide.

She is interested in studying climate change impacts on regional and local coastal and delta conditions and investigating adaptation strategies to these changing water conditions. This is also reflected in the companies she has worked for and studied at, with a master's degree in hydraulic engineering from Delft University of Technology, a PhD obtained at Utrecht University and KNMI and a position as an assistant professor where she taught fluid mechanics and morphodynamics in addition to her research activities.

Since working at Deltares, Renske has contributed to assessments of how the Netherlands can adapt to sea level rise, coordinated a research program into long-term delta development, conducted international missions to investigate the impact of climate change on deltas and coastal areas (the Philippines and Brazil) and is involved in various (inter)national research consortia.

Renske is author of the Delta Scenarios published in 2024, which map out the tasks for water availability, flooding and water safety in 2050 and 2100 on behalf of the Delta Commissioner's staff and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management.

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