About Ruben Imhoff

Dr. Ruben Imhoff is a hydrometeorologist with an expertise on hydrological modelling, short-term rainfall forecasting (nowcasting), weather radar usage and hydrological predictability within operational water management systems. Regarding weather radar and nowcasting, Ruben is the contact point within Deltares for research into and operational applications of these topics.

Ruben got his MSc and PhD degree at Wageningen University. Within his research, Ruben investigates and evaluates (radar) rainfall nowcasting techniques, especially with a focus on the added value for the hydrologic predictability in operational water management applications. A main operational focus is the architecture and implementation of short-term (rainfall) forecasting systems for quickly responding catchments and urban areas. In this field, Ruben is also involved in the development of the open source nowcasting initiative Pysteps. Ruben's interest is on a large variety of spatial scales, from the urban scale to continental river basins.

Furthermore, Ruben is one of the leads of Deltares' strategic research program "Real-Time Information", in which he is responsible for the research into urban flash flood forecasting. And, Ruben is part of WMO’s World Weather Research Programme steering group “Integrated Prediction of Precipitation and Hydrology for Early Actions” (InPRHA).

Publications: Google Scholar

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