About Sanne Muis

Dr. Sanne Muis has a background in flood risk, specialized in the field of large-scale coastal flood risk assessments. Her PhD research was focused on the development of a modelling framework for the large-scale risk assessments for coastal flooding. She is working on the development of global datasets of extreme sea levels and flooding for both future and historical climates.

She has experience in the validation and application of hydrodynamic models to model tides, storm surge and inundation, modelling of tropical cyclones, the handling and processing of large climate datasets, analysis of direct damages and flood risk, and assessing climate variability and extreme values statistics. She has experience with writing scripts for data analysis in Matlab, Python (xarray, numpy, pandas, basemap), geospatial modelling in ArcGis and Qgis, and experience with the use of high performance computing.

Sanne has (co-)authored many scientific papers in leading international journals and has presented her work at major international conferences, such as EGU and AGU. In 2017 she was awarded the Fulbright Visiting Scholar Award to visit Princeton University. She is the recipient of the 2019 AGU Natural Hazards Section Award for Graduate Research. Sanne is also employed as assistent professor at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. There she is working on the multi-scale modelling of sea levels and inundation due to tropical cyclones. Moreover, she is a lecturer and supervises PhD, MSc and BSc research.

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