About Sharon Tatman

Sharon Tatman MSc BSc (Hons) is an expert in the field of Marine & Coastal Management with 20+ years of broad experience in applied research projects. She has a background in oceanography and marine ecology, earth observation and monitoring. Throughout her career she has worked on research and high-end consultancy projects, working together with international and national government organisations, industry and research partners, in order to support policy- and decision-makers in their planning and management of coastal and marine zones in relation to climate change and human use. Her projects include a wide range of environmental and policy-related topics, such as environmental impact assessments (e.g. land reclamation and dredging impact studies), science-policy interaction (MSP, ICZM, research into European directives such as MSFD and Natura2000) and innovative monitoring of marine and coastal zones. Apart from consultancy projects, she has also lead research such as the EU-funded Horizon2020 project VECTORS, where she was Workpackage co-leader on Integration and Data Management. More recently she has become involved in Energy Transition research, in particular focusing on offshore renewable energy production, and its impact on marine spatial planning and the physical-ecological system functioning, especially in the North Sea region.

Between 2008 and 2019 she was Head of Department within Deltares’ Marine & Coastal Systems Unit and responsible for the operational and strategic management of a team of approximately 35 scientists and engineers.

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