About Suzanne van der Meulen

Suzanne van der Meulen is senior researcher and advisor at the Urban Water and Soil Management department of Deltares. She is specialized in the assessment and management of functional urban water quality. As project leader and researcher, Suzanne has been involved in national and international applied research projects related to:

  • Design principles for urban green infrastructure.
  • Building with Nature concepts for cities and assessment of the added value for nature and humans.
  • Mapping of ecosystem services in the context of water management, urban (re)development and the Dutch National Ecosystem Assessment.
  • Citizen science in the field or urban water management.
  • The impact of climate change and adaptation measures on urban water quality.

Suzanne has extensive experience in quantitative and qualitative research, and in knowledge dissemination to professionals and students. She collaborates intensively with municipalities, ministries, consultants, contractors, universities and other knowledge institutes. Suzanne also initiated and coordinated a large citizen science project in Amsterdam, ‘Het Schone Water Experiment’, for which hundreds of citizens assessed water quality in urban canals, rivers and lakes.

In 2023, Suzanne finished her PhD research project FUNqyWATER on functional urban water quality at Wageningen University. This research project includes assessment of the current and future use of urban surface water in Toronto and Amsterdam, and the suitability or urban water for multiple human use functions such as aquathermal energy extraction, urban freight transport and recreation.

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