About Zheng Wang

As a senior specialist / expert advisor at Deltares Prof. Wang has played a key role in the development of models for sediment transport and morphological development in estuarine environment. He has been involved in various consultancy projects (the Netherlands, United Kingdom, India, Spain, Germany, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Belgium, China (including Hong Kong, and Taiwan)) covering hydrodynamics, sediment transport, morphology and environmental impact, in rivers, estuaries and coastal areas. He has also been working on various research programmes including EC research programmes since early 1990’s.

As a part-time professor at Delft University of Technology, Prof. Wang supervises M.Sc and PhD students preparing their thesis in the field of river engineering and estuarine geomorphology. He plays an important role in a number of research programmes at the Hydraulic Engineering Department, e.g. the STW-project “Eco-morphology of estuaries and tidal basins” (Follow-up of the project “Sand-mud segregation in estuaries and tidal lagoons”) and the Building with Nature project “morphological coupling between tidal basins and their ebb-tidal deltas in the South-West Delta area”. With his Chinese background he has been playing a key role in the cooperation with various universities and institutes in China. He initiated and manages the KNAW-project “Effects of human activities on the eco-morphological evolution of rivers and estuaries” within the framework of the Programme Strategic Scientific Alliances between China and the Netherlands. He also initiated the project “Fate or future of intertidal flats in estuaries and tidal lagoons – Effects of Climate change and anthropogenic activities” within the framework of Sino-Dutch Joint Scientific Thematic Research Programme, already granted by NWO. He serves as project manager from the NL-side.

Finally Prof. Wang is the author of many publications on the mentioned subjects, which were presented at international conferences and in Technical Journals.

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