Combination of university and industry

In this project, which received financing from the European Union, a range of universities teamed up with engineers from industry. This made academic knowledge available to the commercial sector. In time, this will lead to improvements in predictions of how creep works in a range of soil types and in major projects such as dike upgrades.

Predicting creep in peat areas

A range of models were analysed and tested during the course of this four-year project. Deltares has acquired experience with these models in, for example, laboratory tests on peat. The aim is to apply our expertise with the advanced mathematical models to peat areas in Holland. Towns like Gouda and Waddinxveen have a lot of problems with subsidence and the ground level is raised regularly using sand. A good model can predict creep and optimise the approach. During dike upgrades, calculations can be carried out to see whether the foundations of the houses close to the dike can cope.

CREEP in geomaterials

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