From the start of the project, the consortium has been working on the construction of a consistent and robust Global Water Resources Reanalyses (WRR) dataset of at least 30 years that does not only include meteorological variables but also water cycle variables.

The resulting reanalysis enhances the availability of information on freshwater resources worldwide, and allows for improved insight on the status and existing pressures on global and local water availability in all components of the water cycle such as precipitation, soil moisture, evapotranspiration, discharge and groundwater, and can be used to support efficient water management and decision making.

All results and data of the project are available via a WCI-portal (Water Cycle Integrator) and are linked to the GEOSS Data-CORE.

The project consortium consisted of 27 partners of which 23 European and 4 non-European partners and has been finalised December 2017.

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