Port of the Future concept

The Port of the Future concept includes a different approach towards the location of a new or expanding port. The selection is based on the characteristics and processes of the ecosystem, like sedimentation and erosion and the location of biodiversity hot spots that deliver food and water purification. To support the elaboration of a tailor made ‘Port of the Future’ masterplan for a specific port and to secure involvement of stakeholders, high-end tools are developed.

Deltares developed the Port of the Future Serious Game for several purposes. The aim of this game is to create support and awareness for the port development with all stakeholders. This includes the socio-economic development, natural requirements and impact of sustainable design.

Deltares expertise covers:

  • Co-creation with interdisciplinary topics
  • Influence of port development and pressures on the coastal and estuarine ecosystem
  • Influence of the physical environment on ports
  • Awareness of sustainability in combination with green growth
  • Gaming and training with Port of the Future Serious Game
Ports of the Future

Deltares develops no-impact port for World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)

Deltares uses the approach of ecosystem-based management that aims to restore and protect the health, function and resilience of entire ecosystems for the benefit of all organisms. In doing so, on behalf of World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Deltares try to gain insight into the driving factors behind realising a ‘NO-IMPACT’ port development: a port that has no negative impact on the ecosystem and recognizes ecological systems as a mix of elements that interact with each other in oceans and coast areas.

The no-impact port is an approach that goes beyond examining sustainable initiatives issues or ecosystem functions in isolation. In this study we discuss the sustainable port development concept in co-creation with principles from morphology, infrastructure engineering, ecological and socio-economic perspectives. For the sustainable port development, multidisciplinary criteria have been specified, based on functions of the coastal ecosystems.

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