Hilde Passier

expert geochemist and program leader environmental quality

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Dr. Hilde Passier is geochemist and manager of teams, programs and projects. She has had management roles on the interface of knowledge development and application of knowledge since 2006, as knowledge manager and department head (2008-2019). She is leader of the strategic research program Environmental Quality at Deltares and coordinator of the applied-knowledge program of Deltares on water quality and nature for the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. She is representing Deltares in the management of the Knowledge Impulse for the Delta Approach for Water Quality and participating in the projects of the Impulse, with the main goal to ensure the developed knowledge will have value in practice. As department head of Subsurface and Groundwater Quality, she was manager of 25 experts, and responsible for the development and execution of applied research projects for numerous clients and consortia. These projects include collaborative projects of the Geochemical and Microbiological Laboratory ‘Castel’ at Deltares in Utrecht on innovative concepts for the improvement of environmental quality.
Keywords in her work are knowledge entrepreneurship, knowledge valorization, collaboration with knowledge partners and other parties, risk-based management of the environment, sustainable use of subsurface and water. She obtained her PhD in Marine Geochemistry at Utrecht University, The Netherlands. She has been employed by Deltares/TNO since 2003. Before that, she worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the department of Geochemistry and the Paleomagnetic Laboratory at Utrecht University, and as a consultant on water and ecology for Royal Haskoning.

Working experience

2019-present Deltares Leader of the strategic research program environmental quality
2016-present Deltares Coordinator on the applied research program on water quality and nature
2003-present Deltares/TNO (untill 2008) Expert geochemist and project manager
2010 - 2019 Deltares Head of the department of Subsurface and Groundwater Quality
2013 - 2015 Deltares Coordinator Eco Innovations Programme
2008 - 2009 Deltares/TNO Head of the department of Groundwater Quality
2006 - 2008 TNO Deputy head of the Department of Soil Management
2006 - 2008 TNO Knowledge manager Groundwater and Subsurface Quality
2001 - 2003 IWACO/Royal Haskoning consultancy group Water and Ecology Project manager/Expert Geochemist
1998 - 2000 NWO/Utrecht University, Paleomagnetic Laboratory Postdoc position
1993 - 1997 Utrecht University department of Geochemistry Phd position