Mark Klein Breteler

Expert in the field of coastal structures.

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Mr Klein Breteler has graduated in 1983 at Delft University of Technology with credit in offshore technology and coastal structures. He has more than 25 years of experience in basic research on coastal structures, such as dikes, rubble mound structures, bottom protections and vertical seawalls. On the other hand he has also carried out various consultancy projects related to coastal structures and offshore technology.

He has gained broad knowledge of the hydraulic loads on structures and the resulting structural response, both mechanical and geotechnical, with small scale and large scale physical model studies. His list of publications shows papers on the hydraulic loads on structures (such as wave pressures, water velocities, run-up and overtopping), the stability of cover layers (both smooth block revetments and rubble mound), the perform┬Čance of filters and geotextiles, and the geotechnical stability of dike slopes.

He was the author of a Manual on the Stability of Block Revetments and contributed to various manuals on the loads on structures and design aspects, such as the Dutch Safety Assessment Guidelines (VTV). Moreover he has designed numerical models related to the design of structures.
Furthermore he is a lecturer at the post graduate course of Delft Universi┬Čty of Technology, and since 1999 member of the National Advisory Committee on Water Defences of the Netherlands (ENW-techniek).

Working experience

1984 - present Deltares Senior project manager and specialist on Coastal Structures and Offshore Technology