Sanneke van Asselen

Subsidence expert


Dr. Sanneke van Asselen is a physical geographer with a main interest in topics related to land subsidence in soft-soil organic sequences, delta build-up and evolution, and fluvial geomorphology. Recent research focuses on quantifying and monitoring subsidence due to peat compaction and oxidation in Holocene delta sequences, and how peat compaction affects delta evolution and fluvial morphology (PhD research). Earlier research includes geomorphological & landscape mapping and modelling land-use change. Sanneke has abundant fieldwork experience. Field campaigns took place in Spain, Luxembourg, Austria, Canada, Poland, and The Netherlands, and generally focused on geomorphological mapping, subsoil sampling, and core collection and description. Besides field experience, Sanneke also has experience in laboratory analyses (density and organic matter content analyses), ArcGIS analyses, and in numerical modelling. Sanneke has worked at different universities and research institutes, as well as for private companies, gaining experience in leading complex interdisciplinary research projects.

Working experience

2017-present Deltares Researcher/ advisor
2014-2018 Utrecht University, Department of Physical Geography Postdoc researcher / Coordinator research program Future Deltas
2013-2014 Geodan B.V. Geo-IT Researcher
2013-2013 EARTH Integrated Archaeology Physical Geographer
2010-2013 Institute for Environmental Studies, VU University Amsterdam Postdoc researcher
2010-2010 Utrecht University, Department of Physical Geography Postdoc researcher
2006-2010 Utrecht University, Department of Physical Geography PhD researcher
2003-2005 University of Amsterdam Researcher / Project Officer EU project Soil Conservation and Protection for Europe