Suzanne van Eekelen

Geosynthetic reinforcement and piled embankments

+31(0)88335 7287

Dr. Suzanne van Eekelen is a researcher in geotechnical engineering and an expert in the field of geosynthetic reinforcement and piled embankments in particular. She has reviewed or advised in several piled embankment projects and is specialized in laboratory experiments or field tests. She is chairing the Dutch CUR group ‘Design Guideline Piled Embankments’ and the Dutch IGS Chapter – committee ‘Innovation and Knowledge Transfer’.

She wrote over 100 scientific publications. She was teacher or lecturer in several courses or conferences, amongst these courses at the TU Delft, Ghent University, PAO Netherlands, and the ISSMGE-TC211-short course at Brussels of 2012, the Curso de Engenharia de Infraestrutura e Solos Moles in Rio de Janeiro in 2015 and conferences such as the Dutch Geotechnics Day (2009 and 2015), the Brazilian Workshop Georreforços (2011 and 2015), the Finnish Soil reinforcement workshop (2011) and several national and international conferences of the IGS and ISSMGE.

Dr. Suzanne van Eekelen received the IGS Award of the International Geosynthetics Society for her research on basal reinforced piled embankments in 2014, the Award for the best paper in Geotextiles and Geomembranes in 2012, an Honourable mention as one of the four Best Papers in Geotextiles and Geomembranes in 2011 and the Dutch Keverling Buisman-Science award 2011.

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