Wiebe de Boer

Portfolio coordinator Coastal Developments

+31(0)88335 8460

Wiebe.deBoer@deltares.nl LinkedIn profile

Wiebe de Boer is a Coastal Engineer with experience in a wide range of topics in the field of Coastal Morphology. His experience mainly focuses on sediment budgets, coastal erosion, nourishment strategies, coastal structures, harbour and channel siltation. He has experience in numerical modelling with a.o. Delft3D (FM), SWAN and Unibest.

Currently, Wiebe is portfolio coordinator Coastal Developments. This portfolio focuses on improving the efficiency of eco-dynamic design, construction and maintenance of coastal interventions aiming for sustainable, economic development of the coastal zone (e.g. land reclamations, artificial beaches, harbours and navigation channels). The research and development of this portfolio focuses on integral coastal design support tools, uncertainty quantification and Building with Nature solutions.

Furthermore, Wiebe de Boer has been involved in development, support and distribution for various software tools, such as Delft3D (FM), Delta Shell, OpenEarthTools, Delft Dashboard and various interactive tools. Currently, he is focussing mainly on the development of coastal design support tools that help engineers and stakeholders gaining insight in the effects of different design alternatives on interdisciplinary aspects (i.e. physical, ecological and economical).

Working experience

2014 – present Deltares Portfolio coordinator Coastal Developments
2010 – present Deltares Coastal Engineer
2009 – 2010 University of Twente Researcher