Biogeochemical Laboratory

Soil and water are home to a complex range of microbiological and geochemical processes that have a major impact on the quality of soil and water, but also on the objects and materials they contain, such as pipelines and sheet piling. The Deltares Laboratory has the expertise and facilities to answer all sorts of questions about these effects.


The emphasis is on applied experimental research: we look for answers to questions from the field, and we have the expertise and experience to use innovative methods or to develop them ourselves. Of course, we do this in close consultation with our clients, whether they are government authorities or commercial enterprises. The Deltares Laboratory is a collaboration between Deltares, Utrecht University and TNO in the field of earth and a healthy environment. At our Princetonlaan premises in Utrecht, Deltares collaborates closely with the Earth Sciences Faculty of Utrecht University (GeoLab), and TNO Environmental Modelling, Sensing  and Analysis.

The field covered by the Deltares Laboratory is wide: from testing measures for improving water and soil quality from research to model validation. This involves innovative small-scale test setups that can be scaled up later for use on pilot projects and/or field trials.
What makes the Deltares Laboratory so unique is the state-of-the-art research facility, which allows for a wide range of experimental research. We have microbiological and DNA technologies at our disposal, as well as sensitive organic and inorganic detection methods.


Deltares has years of experience in designing and conducting laboratory experiments, fieldwork, and working with sensors. We also have wide-ranging expertise in the field of microbiological and geochemical processes. Short lines of communication with researchers in different disciplines make it possible to adjust the setup during the course of the project to obtain the best possible experimental situation. Due to the continual expansion of our understanding of natural water and soil systems, the concentration of a variety of disciplines including microbiology, geochemistry and hydrology, and intensive collaboration with other research institutes, the Deltares Laboratory can deliver top research in response to complex issues raised by government authorities, society as a whole, and corporate organizations.