To better protect hundreds of millions of people from flooding, we contribute from our expertise water and subsoil to the Dutch Multi-Year Innovation Programmes, Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction and the Sustainable Development Goals. Together with other parties, Deltares would like to better protect as many people and vulnerable areas as possible against flooding. To this end, we jointly develop knowledge and make it applicable by:

  • Better understanding of extreme flooding
  • Development of effective and sustainable flood protection solutions
  • Effective and equitable flood risk management
  • Useful disaster warnings and information

We do this with a team of experts including physicists, risk managers, engineers, ecologists and social scientists. Working closely with our partners worldwide, we develop practical solutions that are environmentally friendly, socially acceptable and equitable. For example, with the USGS on groundwater and coastal safety, or with the Danish Coastal Authority.

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It is our belief that by working together, we can better protect society from flood risks. By sharing our products and knowledge, we all benefit. Up-to-date information is crucial in addressing flood challenges. Our open-source approach ensures that information is freely available.

From forecasting extreme floods to viable disaster warning systems, we support governments, NGOs, businesses and citizens in protecting against flood risks.


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