A quarter of the total investment in the development of an offshore wind turbine is spent on its foundation. Consequently, cost and risk reductions in pile installation and increased longevity of piled foundations are valuable assets in a competitive global offshore market. Key to innovative foundation designs and competitive installation techniques is an in-depth understanding of the
complex soil behaviour during both installation and subsequent cyclic wave and wind loading. Recent advances in numerical simulation of pile installation and monopile behaviour under different
loading conditions provide the opportunity to develop such an understanding.

At Deltares, we use advanced modelling techniques and experiments in our laboratory facilities in conjunction with expert knowledge to support our clients from the preliminary design phase to the final design validation and verification, covering topics such as:

Pile installations, pipeline and cable trenching assessment, anchor dragging and burial studies, geotechnical design of gravity based structures, liquefaction, decommissioning, salvage and wreck
removal operations, geotechnical data assessment and third party review.