Oil & Gas Sector


Scour prediction and mitigating measures

One Deltares area of expertise is scour around offshore structures like jack-up drilling rigs (with spud can footings) and gravity-based structures. We developed an extensive database of scale model tests looking at scour development around a wide range of structures. This database, together with our expert judgment, puts us in a position to advise about expected scour depths around the globe. To prevent platform instability as a result of scour development, Deltares has developed extensive experience with the design of scour protection. We can provide advice for many different scour-mitigation measures: from loose rock to gravel bags, and from collars and mattresses to artificial frond mats.

Metocean databases and Operational forecasting

In all offshore projects, the hydrodynamic design conditions (metocean conditions) need to be determined first. Deltares has extensive experience with modelling and analysing metocean conditions. An important trend is that, instead of performing separate metocean studies, operators request a metocean database for their entire offshore area. A database of this kind allows operators to obtain metocean conditions easily for new developments. More recently, operational forecasting systems for metocean conditions have been developed to assist operators working in offshore construction, operation and maintenance. Deltares develops these databases and operational forecasting systems tailored to clients’ needs. An example is our research for the offshore waters of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.