Announcement of MoU between Deltares and UKCEH

Published: 1 February 2021

We are very pleased to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Deltares and UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology. Senior representatives from each organisation, including Professor Alan Jenkins (UKCEH Director of Science) and Gerard Blom (Deltares Director Inland Water Systems) held a virtual meeting on Thursday 28th January 2021, during which the MoU was signed.

Deltares and UKCEH, both independent not-for-profit research institutes, have many research areas in common including hydrological monitoring and modelling, flood risk management tools, water resources management and aquatic ecology. Each organisation also brings additional expertise to the partnership including marine and coastal areas, terrestrial ecology, emerging contaminants and land use.

The two organisations have worked together for many years especially in European research projects and this MoU recognises both the existing strong relationship and the future opportunities that can be realised through closer working. Over the past 2 years Deltares and UKCEH have collaborated successfully, hosting joint seminars on nature based solutions and environmental flows. These activities have subsequently led to joint projects to carry out further research. Through this MoU, Deltares and UKCEH want to strengthen mission-driven research activities to address the societal challenges with respect to flood- and drought-risk management, sustainable management of water resources, and the protection and restoration of aquatic ecosystems.