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Water determines people’s health and life expectancy, as shown by the infographic in this Deltalife. Climate change is placing increasing pressure on this basic necessity of life. It is important for us to develop better governance to address water scarcity.

The impact of water on humanity’s future goes beyond this primary necessity: the availability of water determines the success of food production, industrial development and transport. Water is often the key factor.

We are pleased that, after more than a decade of negotiations, the UN wants to protect 30% of the oceans. We are calling for collaboration to make port expansion or island construction climate-positive, with more biodiversity and fewer carbon emissions.

We look at carbon emissions from peatlands and how to make cities climate-resilient. We are driven by our mission of ‘Enabling Delta Life’ and we feel the urgency to transform our knowledge into impact for society. By exerting an influence on global agreements in the UN context, through our role as a strategic knowledge partner and with concrete projects that fit in with our mission.

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