Next Generation Drought Index

The Deltares’ Next Generation Drought Index provides timely and relevant drought information for any specific sector at the local level in data scarce regions, allowing to detect drought and its sector-specific impacts and risks at early stages.

Impacts of droughts cause decreases in food and water supply, employment opportunities, and energy production. The D-NGDI tool can assist local (operational) water managers, NGO’s, agricultural sector, water supply companies, hydropower sector, shipping sector, and (re)insurance companies with timely drought information, both near  real-time and forecasts, to inform their decision-making process in order to prevent big drought impacts

D-NGDI makes use of a combination of (big)data, Earth Observation, models and data science techniques and is presented as a user-friendly web viewer that combines drought (forecasting) indices in combination with relevant impact information, enabling local water managers to take action before and during periods of drought.