"Blowing up" scale models to actual proportions

Among other things, the Deltares GeoCentrifuge offers the possibility of "blowing up" scale models to actual proportions in terms of stresses and size. This will allow a scaled-up dyke of, say, 10cm high to behave like an actual dyke of 10m high at 100g.

This scaling combined with increasing gravity can also significantly accelerate geotechnical processes such as the consolidation ofclay and peat, for example. This creates a wide range of new possibilities that would not have been possible without a GeoCentrifuge.

Gravity at 150g

The Deltares Geocentrifuge can generate a gravity of up to 150g and has a capacity of 260g-tonnes. This large capacity combined with a large platform radius of 5m and the platform measuring 1.2m x 1.2m x 1.8m (l x w x h) provides the ability to test relatively large-scale models at the desired g-level.

By using the GeoCentrifuge in combination with the ample knowledge and experience of researchers and technicians, large practical situations can be correctly scaled, relatively quickly and cost-effectively. This allows designs and knowledge gaps, for example, to be tested and identified quickly and efficiently.

Recent experiments

Examples of recent experiments:

GeoCentrifuge specifications

  • Maximum g-level 150
  • Platform radius 5m
  • Maximum model dimensions 1.2m x 1.2m x 1.8m (l x w x h)
  • Capacity of 260g-tonnes
  • Real time in-flight 56-channel data acquisition
  • Real time in-flight video acquisition (high-speed and/or high-resolution including illumination)
  • Real-time in-flight control and influence of actions, processes and/or instruments
  • 24 and 48V, compressed air, water, vacuum, and hydraulic pressure available on platform

Video: The installation of the GeoCentrifuge

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