The hydrodynamic 1D/2D simulation engine has an automatic drying and pressurised procedure and handles real supercritical flow and is always 100% mass conservative. It uses a self-selecting time step so your computer will not crash and accuracy is guaranteed. All possible boundary conditions can be specified by you or are automatically applied.

You can specify virtually any type of hydraulic structure, such as single or multiple stage pumps, weirs of any shape, rectangular and circular gates, culverts and basins. All structures handle free, submerged and transient flow conditions.

SOBEK 2 - Hong Kong
SOBEK 2 - Hong Kong

The SOBEK 1DFLOW (Urban) module includes rainfall runoff inflow, dry weather flows and the processes for various types of paved areas, such as streets, roofs and parking lots. You may define your own time and spatially varied rainfall pattern, or historical data of storm events and long time series with or without dry periods. Detailed infiltration as a time-dependent process following the HORTON equation is also available.

Real-time control options, including PID control, are available for all structures and are ideal for complex centralised control systems using rainfall predictions. Sediment transport computation shows where sediment might be deposited; interfaces completely with the SOBEK 1DFLOW (Rural) module to provide an integrated model of the urban water system and its environment.

Note that the D-Flow Flexible Mesh module (D-Flow FM) will be the successor of SOBEK 1DFLOW (Urban) in the new Delft3D Flexible Mesh Suite (Delft3D FM).

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