Known issues

Unsolved in 4.6.0 Errors when starting Wanda: Method 'Add' of object 'IRegistryKeys' failed / A fatal program error 0xC0000025 has been detected


1: Run the iGrafx FlowCharter installation as an administrator

  • Right-click the iGrafx FlowCharter installation and choose: “Run as administrator”
  • If asked, install FlowCharter as “English”

If the above workaround fails:

2: Select a custom FlowCharter installation type

  1. Start iGrafx setup, if asked for language, select “English”
  2. Agree to the iGrafx license agreement, click next
  3. Enter the provided iGrafx license key, click next
  4. Choose “custom” installation type, click next
  5. Select “Anyone who uses the computer”, click next
  6. You can leave the default installation location, click next
  7. In the “Select features” dialog, click on the icon/button next to the option “Organization charts” (located under “Optional diagrams”), and select “Entire feature will be unavailable”. Then click next until installation finishes.

A future solution will come in the form of a new version of the third party software iGrafx FlowCharter.

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