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wflow is a completely distributed modelling platform which maximizes the use of open earth observation data, making it the hydrological model of choice for data scarce environments. Based on gridded topography, soil, land use and climate data, wflow calculates all hydrological fluxes at any given point in the model at a given time step. The movement of surface water across the landscape is determined by the reservoir and kinematic wave modules providing more accurate representation of river discharges.

The wflow computational engine is built in the Julia language, a high performance computing language and does not have a graphical user interface, being designed for maximum user flexibility and is often coupled other software such as D-Flow FM of the Delft3D FM Suite for river, sediment and flood modelling, D-Emissions (DELWAQ) of the Delft3D FM Suite for emissions modelling, MODFLOW 6 of the iMOD Suite for groundwater modelling and RIBASIM for water allocation modelling.

How to get wflow

wflow is free to use in its basic package. You can download the latest stable release through our download portal.

For users where wflow is part of a critical workflow we recommend a service package where users receive support from Deltares during Netherlands office hours. If you want a tailor-made service package including integrated Deltares software then contact us at wflow@deltares.nl.

Wflow Python-PCRaster is released as free open source code under the GNU General Public license version 3.

The source code for the original wflow PCRaster Python software is available at Github for download. Whilst the documentation and release notes are available here.

The new Wflow.jl code is released under the MIT License.

The source code and documentation for the new wflow.jl software is available at Github for download.

Technical specifications

Minimal hardware requirements:
1 GHz Intel Pentium-processor or similar
512 MB RAM
50 MB free disk space (dependent on model size)

Operating system:
Windows 10 64 bit.

wflow wheel with applications
wflow wheel with applications

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