D-Stability is Deltares' software product for macro stability: the soft soil engineering software for the analysis of slip planes. For the Netherlands the safety and stability of the primary sea and driver dikes is essential since over half the population lives below sea level. In total, 3,500 kilometres of primary dikes and over 100,000 kilometres of other embankments protect the country from flooding. Over the past 75 years, the stability of the majority of the dikes and embankments has been checked using methods and tools developed by Deltares, the leading Dutch institute in this field. Deltares offers D-Stability to the geotechnical community enabling the stability assessment of soft soil slopes and embankments.

D-Stability contains three Limit Equilibrium Methods by Bishop, Spencer and Uplift-Van. It supports both drained and undrained material behavior. To facilitate the undrained Shansep analysis, D-Stability allows for staged construction to administrate the yield stress field. The safety factor can be calculated in each construction stage to administrate the safety of a design in time.

D-Stability supports loads and reinforcements. It displays the representative slip circle and allows for detailed inspection of the forces acting upon each slice. This all in a user-friendly interface to enable efficient assessment and design.