D-Sheet Piling – Earth pressure coefficients

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This standard module is intended for the analysis of retaining wall structures. It allows input of straightforward projects and provides tabulated and graphical output of results both on-screen and in a report. Some specific features include:

Geometry input

  • Graphical user interface.
  • Horizontal soil layers.
  • Input of sheet pilings from an extensive library (Arcelor, Hoesch, Larssen, Chaparral).
  • Wizard for fast input of combined walls (king piles).
  • Anchors, including pre-stressing force and maximum loading force (yielding).
  • Struts, including pre-compression force and maximum loading force (buckling).
Staged excavation with struts

Staged excavation with struts

Loading input

  • Uniform distributed loads at ground level.
  • Line loads directed perpendicularly to the wall, moments, variable normal force along the beam axis.
  • CPT input from GEF-file.

Soil modelling

  • CPT interpretation model.
  • Subgrade reaction model.
  • Earth pressure coefficients (Ka, Ko and Kp).
  • Elasto-plastic modelling of loading/unloading.
Spanningrek relatie

Spanningrek relatie

Stress displacement diagram

Modelling of groundwater and water pressures

  • Hydrostatic pore fluid pressure from the input of a phreatic surface.
  • Additional excess pore pressures.

Construction stages

All settings relevant to staged construction are available in a spread sheet like window. This allows for fast control and provides overview. The following changes can be made between stages:

  • excavation or elevation of soil
  • adding or removing of loads
  • adding or removing anchors and struts
  • pre-stressing or pre-compressing in anchors and struts
  • alteration of the water table.

Ingevoerde geometrieInput geometry


Input and output tables, graphs and a report are available for printing, viewing and for export with standard Windows applications through the Windows clipboard. Graphs are available for:

  • displacements
  • bending moments
  • shear forces
  • pore pressures and soil stresses along the beam axis
  • results of length design and overall stability checks can be viewed
  • reports can be generated for ordinary and verification calculations, containing input and output data, graphs and summaries
  • information can also be exported to D-Geo Stability for more comprehensive stability analysis.

Uitvoer van spanningen en vervormingen in de damwandStresses in sheet pile wall