SOBEK 2DFLOW (Overland Flow)

This module is fully integrated with the SOBEK 1DFLOW (Rural) and SOBEK 1DFLOW (Urban) modules for accurate flood simulation of river systems, polder areas, dikes/levees/dam breaches, streets, etc. It is based upon the complete de Saint Venant Equations. The hydrodynamic 1D/2D simulation engine simulates steep fronts, wetting and drying processes, subcritical and supercritical flow. It also handles multi domains and nested multi domains. The SOBEK 2DFLOW (Overland Flow) module includes rainfall on the 2D grid.

SOBEK 2 - Cypress Creek, USA

Note that the D-Flow Flexible Mesh module (D-Flow FM) will be the successor of SOBEK 2DFLOW (Overland Flow) in the new Delft3D Flexible Mesh Suite (Delft3D FM).