Board of Directors

The Deltares Board of Directors will consist of three people until the end of June 2023. Following Ron Thiemann’s retirement at the end of June, Deltares will have a two-member board with Annemieke Nijhof and Dirk-Jan Walstra.

  • Annemieke Nijhof, Managing Director
  • Ron Thiemann, Director
  • Dirk-Jan Walstra, Director
From left to right: Ron Thieman, Annemieke Nijhof en Dirk-Jan Walstra

Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board monitors the policy of the Board of Directors and matters in general at Deltares. It also assists the management by making recommendations. It is made up of:

  • J.W. (Johan) Remkes, chair
  • ir. S. M. (Suzanne) Jungjohann
  • ir. H.E. (Henk) Nieboer
  • ir. F. A. (Frank) Verhoeven
  • Drs. C. (Claudia) de Andrade-de Wit

Scientific Council/ and Young Scientific Council

The Scientific Council (WR) and the Young Scientific Council play an important role in achieving the ambitions we have set out in our Strategic Agenda.

The Scientific Council is the scientific conscience of Deltares. The Council primarily provides guidance for the scientific side of the mission-driven work. It calls in Deltares experts from a variety of fields of expertise for that purpose. The focus is on the long term.

The Scientific Council:

  • submits advice, upon request and at its own initiative, about the allocation of strategic research resources to develop the knowledge base required;
  • plays a prominent role outside the organisation in terms of building up and communicating the authoritative scientific position held by Deltares;
  • develops a lively national and international network for that purpose.

The Scientific Council consists of:

  • Bart van den Hurk, chair
  • Bregje van Wesenbeeck, chair
  • Gualbert Oude-Essink
  • Ghada El Serafy
  • Gilles Erkens
  • Mandy Korff
  • Marcel van Gent
  • Marjolijn Haasnoot

The focus of the Young Scientific Council (JWR) is on the digital transformation, the connecting of new technologies and domain knowledge. This Council also submits advice upon request and at its own initiative.

The current members are:

  • Björn Backeberg
  • Bruno Zuada Coelho
  • Gundula Winter
  • Lörinc Meszaros
  • Margreet van Marle, chair
  • Robert McCall, vice-chair
  • Sadie McEvoy

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