We describe how we go about this in a range of documents like the The Strategic Agenda 2022-2025: 'Focus on the Future, Fast Forward Now', The 2022 Impact Report and in different specials.

About the Strategic Agenda 2022-2025: Focus on the Future, Fast Forward Now

Our Strategic Agenda sets out how we use our top-level knowledge to open up the way to innovative and sustainable solutions for global issues relating to the use, and the risks, of water and the subsurface.

Strategic Agenda 2022-2025: Focus on the Future, Fast Forward Now

The title is based on the importance of looking a long way into the future for our field of water management and the subsurface. Because climate change will inevitably lead to change in the long term. The focus here is therefore on accelerating the fight against climate change and fast forwarding the adaptation of our living environment.

We also need to look ahead at the digital developments that can take us to a drastically different world. We are also looking at new parts of the world, where we are willing and able to contribute to sustainable, safe and healthy living with our unique knowledge.

How the agenda was established

The Strategic Agenda is our answer to all the questions we have picked up from conversations with our partners: government authorities, knowledge institutes, NGOs and business. It is a response to challenges facing society in the area of water, the subsurface and the associated infrastructure. In the Netherlands and throughout the world. We are eager to discuss these challenges with you because it is only by working together that we can make an impact with our knowledge.

About the 2023 Impact Report

The Impact Report has replaced our Annual review.

We are tireless when it comes to making a contribution with our applied knowledge to making deltas, coastal and river areas appealing places to live. Now and in the future. In the Netherlands and throughout the world. In our impact report, we would like to take you on a journey through the world of water and the subsurface, and show you how we continuously develop knowledge and provide access to it. The impact report replaces the annual report.

Impact Report- Delivering impact 2023

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