Research Agenda

The  Deltares Research Agenda for 2018-2021 allows you to see at a glance the focus of our research activities in the next few years. Our research concentrates primarily on the medium and long terms and it is important for the knowledge base of Deltares and the Netherlands.

The research planned for the next four years breaks down into six important themes: flood risk management, ecosystems and environmental quality, water and raw materials, building in the delta, adaptive delta planning and ‘enabling technologies’.  There is a strong emphasis in the research themes on current issues such as accelerating sea level rise, the energy transition, extreme weather events and flooding, water scarcity and desiccation, the circular economy and the large-scale replacement of infrastructure.

Deltares conducts the research in collaboration with knowledge partners such as governments and research institutes. There is explicit consideration for developments in the market and at private companies, strengthening the research content and making the acquired knowledge more rapidly accessible and usable for others. The results are monitored and, where necessary, changes will be made to the research programme during the period under consideration.